Saturday 9 March 2019

Heroic | AI-Powered Cybersecurity | Project Review

As technology continues to advance and become more of a core component of people’s daily lives, we also see a rise in hacking, spoofing, and attacks on these digital communities. The need for proper cybersecurity has never been more necessary than at the current time. With trends such as automated cars and the internet of things gaining in popularity, it would suggest cybersecurity will only become more important as time goes on. The Heroic Cybersecurity team hopes to assist with the defense of digital communities through the implementation of their artificially intelligent powered cybersecurity system. The platform will be powered by blockchain technology with aims to level the playing field in the digital world. The team promises a simple yet intuitive platform in which threat protection becomes optimized through the use of artificially intelligent systems. On another exciting note, the Heroic cybersecurity team has already launched a  simple compromised email search algorithm to highlight their services. 

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The Heroic Objectives

As the digital world progresses forward and cyber attacks appear in the news more frequently, the need for open source security is becoming more apparent. On a similar note, the use of corporate AI-powered cybersecurity has been around for some time while the individual has been left behind. With the Heroic cybersecurity platform open source nature, consumers will be able to access this type of highly secure system for the first time. Furthermore, the Heroic team hopes to partner with other companies to assist in the fight against cyber threats. They have an exciting partnership program which they hope to attract launch partners or even long-term technology partners to join the platform. Finally, the use of big data and blockchain technology will be key to the development of the heroic platform. These new technologies paired alongside artificial intelligence will become the fuel source for the next generation of cybersecurity.

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