Tuesday 26 February 2019

Rubius | A Blockchain Software Company

The popularity of cryptocurrencies exploded at the start of 2018 with the volume on trading exchanges hitting record highs, even forcing some exchanges to close access to new users. With this increased popularity, the Rubius team hopes to offer a new cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and next-generation bank for users around the world. The team plans exciting features for the exchange platform while also implementing security protocols to encourage user’s safety. On another consumer-friendly note, the team will put user experience as a top priority, in which they claim as much as 95% of cryptocurrency loss is due to user error such as an incorrect wallet address or sending funds to a non-compatible wallet. With a better user interface, the team hopes to lower this high loss rate from user errors. Finally, the creation and use of the platforms unique token, called Ruby coin, will allow users holding this token to pay 50% less on trading fees. Let’s take a closer look at some of the user-friendly features Rubius plans to implement.

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Rubius Objectives

The team wants to bring a better solution to the wallet and exchange sector of cryptocurrencies. These particular parts of the cryptocurrency world are often associated with user loss or theft. To alleviate these problems, Rubius will build advanced systems with features tailored to benefit users on the platform. The Rubius team will operate security protocols in which data is stored both locally and in the cloud to ensure customer’s data is well protected. Even further, also offering asset protection for clients. These two security features should be welcomed by the cryptocurrency community with the past calamity of hacks and exchange attacks that have taken place. Finally, the team will make utilization of the Ruby, a native coin to the platform in which holders can get 50% fewer fees for trades made on Rubius. All and all making an exciting set of both user experience and security features to offer with their exchange. 

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