Tuesday 26 February 2019

Rubius | A Blockchain Software Company

The popularity of cryptocurrencies exploded at the start of 2018 with the volume on trading exchanges hitting record highs, even forcing some exchanges to close access to new users. With this increased popularity, the Rubius team hopes to offer a new cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and next-generation bank for users around the world. The team plans exciting features for the exchange platform while also implementing security protocols to encourage user’s safety. On another consumer-friendly note, the team will put user experience as a top priority, in which they claim as much as 95% of cryptocurrency loss is due to user error such as an incorrect wallet address or sending funds to a non-compatible wallet. With a better user interface, the team hopes to lower this high loss rate from user errors. Finally, the creation and use of the platforms unique token, called Ruby coin, will allow users holding this token to pay 50% less on trading fees. Let’s take a closer look at some of the user-friendly features Rubius plans to implement.

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Rubius Objectives

The team wants to bring a better solution to the wallet and exchange sector of cryptocurrencies. These particular parts of the cryptocurrency world are often associated with user loss or theft. To alleviate these problems, Rubius will build advanced systems with features tailored to benefit users on the platform. The Rubius team will operate security protocols in which data is stored both locally and in the cloud to ensure customer’s data is well protected. Even further, also offering asset protection for clients. These two security features should be welcomed by the cryptocurrency community with the past calamity of hacks and exchange attacks that have taken place. Finally, the team will make utilization of the Ruby, a native coin to the platform in which holders can get 50% fewer fees for trades made on Rubius. All and all making an exciting set of both user experience and security features to offer with their exchange. 

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Aenco Project Review - Altcoinplace

Aenco Summary

Aenco is one of the first Blockchain technologies
in the world that is focused on the Healthcare sector. It is involved in the financial solution provider for many of the institutional financing as well as the primary brokerage firms that involved in the financing the healthcare sector. All these are brought under one umbrella with the help of this platform. This platform will help in providing the core solutions that are involved in the financial ecosystem of the healthcare community with the help of the AEN token that is used to represent this ICO. This will help in delivering valuable service to the community as well as the rapidly improving ecosystem, in the upcoming years.

Aneco Objectives  

Providing digital financial solutions platform, including, but not limited to, sponsorship of Health Tech token offerings, listing and research coverage for prospective token issuers, pursued within channels of accredited regulatory frameworks and delivered under a gold standard of best practice in providing an in-house developed exchange trading platform (AENX) for major cryptocurrencies, AEN Token, and our sponsored Health Tech partner tokens. It also helps in facilitating secondary market liquidity for AEN Token and sponsored Health Tech partner tokens through AENX and other external exchanges; The ICO offers a decentralized custodial and secure escrow services for digital assets. The validation of client issuers via in-depth financial, legal, and business due diligence. Initial and ongoing research coverage across our sponsored partners and their respective token offerings and post token offer monitoring of company performance and objectives, with the view to continuously involving and updating our community to promote participation, awareness, and discussion of such projects;

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Sunday 24 February 2019

Emmares | A World Without Spam

The amount of email usage consumers and businesses see daily is a staggering amount in the year 2018. With this, we are all sadly too familiar with unwanted emails, also known as spam mail. Despite many email providers with spam guards built directly into the software, spam mail still seems to be an issue in today's vastly digital world.  The Emmares team hopes to solve this problem with the creation of a global digital reputation system for content providers and email users alike. The project aims to deliver users better email content by pairing their preferences to qualified content providers. While at the same time, the platform aims to eliminate spam through the same measures. The name of the project itself is a notion to its overall goal. “Emmares” is derived from the phrase Email Marketing Rewarding System which perfectly summarizes the project’s motive. WIth the project goal in mind, the team has already launched a minimum viable product in which content providers or users can start to utilize. 


Emmares Objectives

Their website advertises the solution as one designed to assist good content providers while making it harder to spam users. The platform will center around the advancement of a reward pool for content providers to build into an email receipt to share the reward pool after viewing content. Even further, the platform aims to allow customers to get content which is tailored specifically to their needs and preferences. This should increase users experience while also assisting with content providers through higher engagement rates for their email marketing campaigns. On a similar note, consumers will be able to rate content providers in exchange for a larger share of the reward pool. Thus, creating an ecosystem in which the best content can be rewarded for its value provided to users. On the flip side, content providers will be able to build a quality reputation for creating meaningful and useful content. There will be exclusive benefits for content providers creating good content. The platform will enable the best content providers to utilize new user bases that are released through the Emmares platform and thus increasing their consumer reach. 

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Fanfare | First Blockchain-Powered Social Commerce Community

The social economy has grown exponentially in the last decade, with as many world’s biggest brands and services utilizing the power of digital advertising today. Additionally, video advertising has taken off with the growth in popularity of platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and other user-generated video websites. However, these centralized video platforms have their problems. First, existing limitations exist due to intermediaries and limitations of these platforms. Consequently, many brands cannot connect with their fans and digital communities. With this, the FanFare Global project aims to bring a solution to the social economy and all of its influence on to a blockchain powered platform. Thus, the team aims to defragment an industry which is currently unorganized yet powerfully impactful on businesses marketing and sales bottom line. With the advent of a native token, the video sharing platform will connect viewers to brands to complete the connection for the estimated $165 billion dollar industry by 2021. Let’s take a closer look at how FanFare will accomplish this on their platform. 

The Fanfare Global Objectives

Today user-generated content has become more powerful than ever before, even challenging traditional marketing forms throughout the digital world. This is especially true for video content, a form of media which has gained popularity alongside the increase in smartphone usage around the globe. With this many popular brands and product pages on social media platforms continue to rely on marketing to get their product or service to the world. Yet today the average internet user takes input from their peers more so than brands as in previous decades. This can be seen with the advent of the influencer marketing industry and taken even further by the ever-increasing amount of reliance people place on social media. The Fanfare Global team hopes to connect a currently fragmented industry which is social commerce. The project aims to connect these powerful social influencers directly to the brands they represent, completing a channel for the betterment of both parties.

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Monday 18 February 2019


The advertising industry will be optimized with the implementation of plans created by Optincoin. The Optin network aims to provide advertisers with the tools for making the most educated decisions while assisting them with understanding the fully their website analytics and traffic sources. Already, the team has garnished over 500,000 users on the platform in which they can access the ad system created by Optincoin. Even further the team will implement a native token for use on the platform called Optincoin to ensure transactions are fast and seamless for advertisers. With this in mind, the team has already launched a variety of exciting aspects to help promote the project. The Optincoin team has developed strategic partnerships with a half-dozen firms in which will help promote the project. The existing user base should be a surefire sign of the project’s market fit exists. Finally, from a technological standpoint, the team will advance an Optincoin sidechain in which many of these partners will be able to utilize for their own native advertising platforms.

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The Optincoin Objectives

The Optincoin team wants to assist with business advertising efforts through the creation of their platform. To do this the team aims to allow advertisers to reach the right people at the right time while visiting the right websites for the best advertising return on investment. On the user side of the platform, users will be empowered to choose content which is applicable to their interest and desires. Thus, saving time and eliminating waste with ads targeted only to interested users. On a technological note, the team has developed an exciting sidechain solution in which other companies will be able to build on top of. This will enable the development of other solutions built directly with the assistance of the Optincoin’s platform. Furthermore, the team will develop a solution which will enable the platform to place transparency first. The team plans to aid their transparency goals with users having the ability to view any transaction which takes place on the side chains. All and all creating a compelling list of reason for users to access the platform as both consumers and advertisers will be better served. 

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Epik Token | The Future Of Digital Collectibles

The gaming industry continues to see growth in popularity around the world, with the most popular games gaining as many viewers as the world’s biggest sporting events. With this growth in popularity, the industry has seen an influx of funding and professional gaming solutions unlike ever before. The Epik token team plans to create a platform to allow users and game producers to establish better long-term relations. As the two core components of the gaming community, content producers and gamers alike will become empowered with the use of the Epik token. To do so, the platform will allow in-game and in-app purchases of digital rewards such as items and rewards users can collect. The team plans to make use of the BLMP network, a blockchain licensing solution for branded digital content to further support their objectives with content providers. This licensing platform will enable users to access exclusive digital content. With this partnership, it will open the Epik platform to 1,000 of brands already onboard.

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The Epik Objectives

As the popularity of the gaming industry takes hold around the world, the Epik token team hopes to establish a platform to reward users and establish dedicated customer bases for gaming platforms. The Epik token will enable users to collect digital collectibles such as unique items from video games, mobile apps, augmented reality, virtual reality and even branded emojis. The platform will allow users to collect unique digital items powered by the Epik platform.  The team hopes to incentivize users to join the network with exclusive digital collectibles that will also unlock special bonuses from games. Finally, to promote the Epik token platform, the team has established a variety of partners even prior to the launch of the platform. The partners included exciting and popular brands such as Angry Birds, Rovio, and Yo-kai watch. These existing brand partnerships display market demand for the service which will drive traffic to popular gaming brands with their platform incentives.

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Saturday 16 February 2019

Xbrick Exchange Review - Altcoinplace

XBrick Summary

XBrick.io has been developed independently by its technical team who have extensive experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. XBrick offers multiple languages to users from all around the world, supports an automatic KYC identity verification procedure, adopts the bank-standard SSL encrypted data transfer and multi-clustered system architecture, and applies the cold storage system for crypto wallet management. The high-performance trading engine of XBrick is capable of processing more than 2 million orders per second. XBrick aims to provide secure, stable and convenient global cryptocurrency exchange services. System 1.0 has been operating since 11 November 2017. System 2.0 is due to hit the market with our own R&Ded Global Consolidated Order Book provided by a Dynamic Liquidity Providing Engine. The team plans to bring the world to themselves. XBrick is the very first exchange worldwide to denominate Bitcoin in thousand parts: mBTC. mBTC is BTC divide by 1000, not a new cryptocurrency. In XBrick, the deposit and withdrawal of mBTC use the normal BTC addresses, giving our users the flexibility to experience the new unit of measure BTC.

Increased Exchange Integrity

As the cryptocurrency world evolves in terms of user adoption and government regulation, running a cryptocurrency exchange requires integrity, advanced technologies, sage-level foresight, and all these mixed with the grit of being able to adapt to an extremely dynamic and competitive environment. XBrick.io is a global cryptocurrency exchange owned by X Blockchain Pty Ltd, a blockchain technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. XBrick is advised by very reputable internationally know law firms within Australia. The core members of XBrick have previously held senior positions at various ASX listed entities, Australian boutique family offices, Goldman Sachs and other reputable organizations. The operating team has strong corporate management skills honed in global investment banking, quantitative trading and risk management. As different problems hit exchanges and users suffered serious financial losses, the growing regulatory and security concerns have become increasingly mainstream.  

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SptintX ICO Review By AltcoinPlace

SprintX is a platform for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideas, that will open up the potential of the cryptocurrency market with the support of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with debit card access. The NOVA Foundation promotes and accelerates startups and their growth while enabling them to succeed in their initiative by receiving mentoring, advisory services, coaching and funding from the NOVA group and its network of experts and investors. It is a user-friendly platform build on Ethereum blockchain technology for start-ups to develop new business ideas. 

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MultiFunctional Exchange

With the support of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with debit card access, this platform will open up the potential of the cryptocurrency market. This is a unique tool with which NOVA begins the Startup Selection process from the teams that participate in the Start It Up challenge and is selected by a panel of expert entrepreneurial minds that seek for projects with the potential to become solutions for multiple aspects of people’s lives via the use of technology.

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Friday 15 February 2019

Orbis Money Transfer an Investment by AltcoinPlace

Orbis Chain Summary

Orbits solutions offer solutions to the real-time problem in the crypto world and address a variety of differing social classes. Orbis security coin (ORBSi) will be released publicly to cryptocurrency exchanges and traders. Orbis coin (ORBS) have stability in ypricing and they are used by the customers to make payments and transfer the money with zero fees for the processing of the payments. The users can convert the amount of the money or the kind of cryptocurrency that they have into the other forms and they can manage the currencies at one place with the help of the Orbis Card or the self-service portal or the branches of the Orbis solutions which are present worldwide.

Orbis Chain Objectives  

The current rate of bank account ownership around the world is only 60%. The remaining 40, mainly in developing countries, do not have any bank account whatsoever. This is a shocking figure, considering what an integral part of daily life a bank account is for the 60% who do have one. In the last five years the cash circulation of the financial system has grown up and the increase in the noncash transactions has gone up by more than 10%. To address this, global financial institutions have invested significant resources. Master card as well as the Visa, for example, have developed a kind of coalition in the year 2016 so that the worldwide financial access can be done by the financial year 2020. But most of these are in Africa. These 25 countries comprise 73% of the total population who is currently excluded from accessing a bank account.

Bitbose ICO Review by AltcoinPlace

BitBose Platform is created in order to create a decentralized bank solution that is used based on the blockchain technologies. The team of the ICO is working on the aspects to provide revolutionary fund managers to all the investors as well as the traditional online traders so that it is easy for the investors to utilize their finances in an efficient manner on a single platform. This helps in boosting their investment as well in all the market conditions. The concept of BitBose involved a trading robot called as PADDY. It is one of the investment ecosystems that is backed by the Hybrid technologies.


The main objective of the ICO is to introduce the BOSE ERC20 token which acts as a central currency and involves in all the transactions on the platform. Any user can buy the BOSE tokens and will have the access to all the features of the platform that will help them to register in it. This umbrella will be like a bank under the British law and will be abiding all the rules and regulations of the system in place. It works on the principle of the Hybrid technology and the main objective of the ICO is fulfilled. BitBose uses AI which constantly learns by means of a machine learning like a loan officer. This also verifies the eligibility criteria of the person who is desirous of getting a loan. Further, it assigns a credit rating and the maximum amount that he/she can avail as a loan.

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