Friday 15 February 2019

Orbis Money Transfer an Investment by AltcoinPlace

Orbis Chain Summary

Orbits solutions offer solutions to the real-time problem in the crypto world and address a variety of differing social classes. Orbis security coin (ORBSi) will be released publicly to cryptocurrency exchanges and traders. Orbis coin (ORBS) have stability in ypricing and they are used by the customers to make payments and transfer the money with zero fees for the processing of the payments. The users can convert the amount of the money or the kind of cryptocurrency that they have into the other forms and they can manage the currencies at one place with the help of the Orbis Card or the self-service portal or the branches of the Orbis solutions which are present worldwide.

Orbis Chain Objectives  

The current rate of bank account ownership around the world is only 60%. The remaining 40, mainly in developing countries, do not have any bank account whatsoever. This is a shocking figure, considering what an integral part of daily life a bank account is for the 60% who do have one. In the last five years the cash circulation of the financial system has grown up and the increase in the noncash transactions has gone up by more than 10%. To address this, global financial institutions have invested significant resources. Master card as well as the Visa, for example, have developed a kind of coalition in the year 2016 so that the worldwide financial access can be done by the financial year 2020. But most of these are in Africa. These 25 countries comprise 73% of the total population who is currently excluded from accessing a bank account.

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