Sunday 24 February 2019

Emmares | A World Without Spam

The amount of email usage consumers and businesses see daily is a staggering amount in the year 2018. With this, we are all sadly too familiar with unwanted emails, also known as spam mail. Despite many email providers with spam guards built directly into the software, spam mail still seems to be an issue in today's vastly digital world.  The Emmares team hopes to solve this problem with the creation of a global digital reputation system for content providers and email users alike. The project aims to deliver users better email content by pairing their preferences to qualified content providers. While at the same time, the platform aims to eliminate spam through the same measures. The name of the project itself is a notion to its overall goal. “Emmares” is derived from the phrase Email Marketing Rewarding System which perfectly summarizes the project’s motive. WIth the project goal in mind, the team has already launched a minimum viable product in which content providers or users can start to utilize. 


Emmares Objectives

Their website advertises the solution as one designed to assist good content providers while making it harder to spam users. The platform will center around the advancement of a reward pool for content providers to build into an email receipt to share the reward pool after viewing content. Even further, the platform aims to allow customers to get content which is tailored specifically to their needs and preferences. This should increase users experience while also assisting with content providers through higher engagement rates for their email marketing campaigns. On a similar note, consumers will be able to rate content providers in exchange for a larger share of the reward pool. Thus, creating an ecosystem in which the best content can be rewarded for its value provided to users. On the flip side, content providers will be able to build a quality reputation for creating meaningful and useful content. There will be exclusive benefits for content providers creating good content. The platform will enable the best content providers to utilize new user bases that are released through the Emmares platform and thus increasing their consumer reach. 

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