Monday 18 February 2019


The advertising industry will be optimized with the implementation of plans created by Optincoin. The Optin network aims to provide advertisers with the tools for making the most educated decisions while assisting them with understanding the fully their website analytics and traffic sources. Already, the team has garnished over 500,000 users on the platform in which they can access the ad system created by Optincoin. Even further the team will implement a native token for use on the platform called Optincoin to ensure transactions are fast and seamless for advertisers. With this in mind, the team has already launched a variety of exciting aspects to help promote the project. The Optincoin team has developed strategic partnerships with a half-dozen firms in which will help promote the project. The existing user base should be a surefire sign of the project’s market fit exists. Finally, from a technological standpoint, the team will advance an Optincoin sidechain in which many of these partners will be able to utilize for their own native advertising platforms.

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The Optincoin Objectives

The Optincoin team wants to assist with business advertising efforts through the creation of their platform. To do this the team aims to allow advertisers to reach the right people at the right time while visiting the right websites for the best advertising return on investment. On the user side of the platform, users will be empowered to choose content which is applicable to their interest and desires. Thus, saving time and eliminating waste with ads targeted only to interested users. On a technological note, the team has developed an exciting sidechain solution in which other companies will be able to build on top of. This will enable the development of other solutions built directly with the assistance of the Optincoin’s platform. Furthermore, the team will develop a solution which will enable the platform to place transparency first. The team plans to aid their transparency goals with users having the ability to view any transaction which takes place on the side chains. All and all creating a compelling list of reason for users to access the platform as both consumers and advertisers will be better served. 

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